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About KLF

At KLF, we are consumed by the concept of injustice and believe in thinking broadly, ethically, and creatively to obtain just outcomes and advance fairness. We leverage the law – but not only the law – to right wrongs, promote justice, and further the issues about which our clients care deeply.


When our legal capabilities need to be deployed, we apply them with rigor. At the same time, we also recognize that legal expertise is just one of many potential tools we can call upon to address a client need or advance a client’s objectives. KLF doesn't simply represent clients in legal matters… we advocate for those seeking just outcomes in courts, in business, in our communities, and for our planet. Our work appeals to both traditional courtroom litigants as well as to those seeking the benefit from thoughtful and experienced guidance in projects that are not litigation-based. Whether you are a party to a business dispute or a non-profit organization seeking to make the world a better place, our objective is to help you achieve the desired outcome.


It is often overlooked that lawyers are proxies for their clients, and how they conduct themselves reflects directly on them. There are certainly times when effective advocacy requires righteous indignation. But it is just as important to recognize when a soft touch is actually the most effective approach. At KLF, we understand that our charge is to be your voice, standing in as your representative in unfamiliar terrain and easing your burden both inside and outside of the courtroom. We are committed to the principle that our decorum, professionalism, and integrity should represent the very best of the client, especially when the client is facing challenging circumstances.


A wise action predicts the response that supports the next preferred action for our client. KLF applies experience and intelligence in a proactive manner, factoring in the array of likely reactions we will see in response. By valuing long-term success over short term instinct, we can remain focused on the long-game and recognize when the best possible outcome becomes available for the client – and seize it.


As passionate as we are in our pursuit of justice for the causes and the clients for whom we advocate, KLF is equally compassionate in the way we go about our business and how we engage with those who place their trust in us.