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KLF Advisory

KLF Advisory is a practice group within our law firm focused on helping businesses, organizations and individuals solve unique and complex problems that don't always fit into a typical legal framework.

Our advisory group is built around a simple premise: the traditional practice of law – even at the highest level – does not provide the answer to every problem that a client may face. Unique, complex or unusual challenges and events often require a highly bespoke and multidisciplinary approach. Where a path to a desired result does not exist, we will devise an informed and thoughtful process to arrive at one – bringing to bear the exact resources needed, whether they are found within the firm, across the country, or on the other side of the globe.

KLF Advisory has assembled diverse teams to service a wide array of customized needs, including business plan and management reviews, risk assessment, project planning and logistical support. We have the resources and reach of an extensive network of professionals that can be integrated in an agile and streamlined manner, covering key disciplines such as investigation, financial and tax, marketing and public relations, business management, and technology. And we can, of course, handle any related legal matters that may arise along the way.

Such special projects often require heightened sensitivity to privacy and reputation management. Our commitment to professionalism and integrity ensure that each project is handled with discretion, and with the client positioned in the best possible light.