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Outside General Counsel

KLF’s embedded and fractional general counsel services allow the founders of businesses and organizations to remain squarely focused on their core goals.

Many smaller organizations find themselves in one of these scenarios:
  • The organization needs legal support, but not to the point where a full-time in-house lawyer makes sense. At the same time, the need is frequent enough that using an outside law firm is too expensive and may also be insufficiently integrated with day-to-day operations.
  • The organization has in-house counsel, but a growing and diverse workload needs to be supplemented with additional manpower and specialization. Again, extensive use of outside law firms would prove too costly.

Legal issues are time-consuming and distracting for founders and senior management. Outside general counsel services from KLF are specifically designed to keep leaders from getting bogged down in the minutiae of legal issues. After a short period of ramp-up, the KLF functions as an integrated extension of your organization. We can independently increase or decrease resources – legal or otherwise -- as your circumstances require, saving valuable time while controlling costs.

KLF’s outside general counsel services are a pragmatic, value-driven solution to managing your legal work while maximizing the time spent in pursuit of your mission.